Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Refurbish and Save Thousands of Dollars

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Painting kitchen cabinets and adding new hardware will transform an old kitchen to looking like they just came off the showroom floor. Well, that is, if they are refinished with a little care.

Hopefully these painting kitchen cabinet tips will help.

Aaahhh… The wonder of color!

To help my fellow customers and DIY’ers achieve long-term satisfaction with your “new” cabinets – make sure you do the following when painting existing cabinets: 1) Oil-prime, using a blocking oil-primer. Yes, that’s right. Not all oil-primers were created equal!?!

We use Zinsser Cover-Stain, which is a blocking and sealing oil-primer. Oil-priming is absolutely necessary to ensure a long-lasting look – and proper adhesion – for the new color. 2) If you are using a brush-application for the finish coat, I advise to use an oil-paint. The paint we use is Sherwin Williams All-Surface Enamel (oil – this product also comes in latex). This product finishes with a buttery-like look and repels ordinary surface detergents such as dirt, cooking by-products (um, grease), and the like.

Using an oil-finish is also much less likely to chip or mark easily.

If you do use a latex finish paint, use an enamel quality.

All the best, and let those colors shine on!

If painting your kitchen cabinets is not in your wheelhouse, and you are not in the market for new cabinets, call TJ’s for a FREE consultation.