Upper Darby, PA Contractor, Carpenter, Painter & Licensed Electrician

Upper Darby Township has been a pivotal area of the region for nearly 300 years. With a highly diverse population and historic locations and venues like the Tower Theater and the Lower Swedish Cabin, it is one of the communities that make up the inner ring of suburbs of Philadelphia.

TJ’s Painting & Renovations Co. is the skilled and reliable home renovation company that the residents of Upper Darby count on for beautiful and accomplished updates to their homes. Whether it’s changing out a light fixture or bringing back the luster of a house full of hardwood flooring, TJ’s should be your first call.

Hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to a home, but only if they are expertly installed and in great shape. Whether you are looking to refinish your floors or add traditional or wide-planked flooring to your home, TJ Painting & Renovations can install hardwood flooring that will increase your home’s enjoyment and value.

Custom carpentry is a natural extension of the work that TJ’s can do to restore and refresh your home. Consider adding treatments, like shiplap, that are all the rage in today’s home designs and decorating. Custom trim, wainscotting, and crown molding elevate the look of a room or a house. 

If you’re looking to add more space and organization to your home, consider having TJ’s carpenters add new shelving or storage cubbies. Cubbies in a mudroom give the family a place to put all of the backpacks and coats used every day, while shelving creates a stylish and functional way to display your treasures.

Painting customizes your home and makes it your own quickly. Having the right color in your space can transform a room. From bright colors that draw the eye to subtle neutrals that act as the backdrop for your home life, paint transforms a room. Something as simple as a fresh coat on a ceiling can make a room look new. 

Outlets can seem at a premium with all of today’s electronics. Let TJ’s bring your home into the 21st century with additional outlets and modernize the functionality of any room. You’ll have plenty of access for all your devices, to add smart home features, and to create the media center of your dreams.

You can also modernize the look of a room with new light fixtures or dimmers. Recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and sconces can take a room in a whole new direction. The new fixtures will change the look of the space, while the dimmer will give you lighting options in the same space. Pair dimmers with recessed lighting to offer out of the way, convenient lighting that is customizable to your needs.

Upper Darby homes and residents deserve the best. TJ’s can deliver a quality of work unlike anyone else in the area. When you’re ready to make your house a home or update the look to match your style, call the experts at TJ’s.