Fine Carpentry Ideas: Mudroom Cubbies & Benches

If you have kids or dogs, you’re very familiar with the “drop zone” that can accumulate around entryways. Even if you live alone, the areas near your garage or mudroom entrance can quickly become cluttered with shoes, bags, coats, and a variety of other items that are the artifacts of daily living.

If you’re looking to tame the clutter, there is no better solution than mudroom cubbies with a custom bench and storage compartments. 

And here’s the best part – even if you don’t have an area that’s dedicated as a mudroom, you can still create space in your entryway that will encourage organization in your home.

What is a Mudroom?

Typically, when you think of a mudroom, most people envision a space off of an enclosed space off of an entryway, frequently with laundry space and even a door where you can close the clutter off from unexpected visitors.

In this sense, a “mudroom” is not typically a full room. Mudroom cubbies are usually custom built-in passageways, or pass-through areas or entrances. Even a laundry room can double-up as a mudroom if there is enough space.

Even a dedicated entry area to a small nook next to your front door can be an ideal location for mudroom cubbies. Anywhere that you’ve dedicated as a space for shoes, coats, and other items, can be used as a mudroom.

More than that, these spaces can be enhancements to the beauty and functionality of your home with the addition of a custom wood stained bench and storage compartments or storage drawers constructed into the base of the bench.

Mudroom Benches

Having space to sit and take off or put on shoes makes a mudroom area highly functional. For some, the simple placement of a wood bench is enough with base cabinet drawers is enough. This option allows for the custom bench to be a low-profile aesthetic feature, and still serve its high-functioning purpose. That is, to tame the clutter!

To elevate the look of your mudroom space, however, there is nothing that compares to a custom-built mudroom bench. With a built-in bench, you’ll have a functional seat with a look that matches your home perfectly – as there are many options for finishing the bench with various stains or the traditional white semi-gloss paint. And of course, custom cushions or store-bought cushions can always be implemented into the bench design. 

A small space might become both functional and stylish with a floating bench stained or painted as an accent to your entryway. Just as a mudroom isn’t limited, neither are the options for a built-in bench.

Mudroom Cubbies and Storage

If you’re looking to add even greater functionality to the space, cubbies and storage in your mudroom can tame the clutter that accumulates near the door of your home.

Again, baskets under a simple wood bench can serve this purpose. But a custom set of storage will ensure that the space meets your family’s unique needs. 

Spaces for individual bins or even drawers can be added to the area under the bench to hold seasonal clothing, sporting goods, and more. Cubbies are great for storing pet items, too, like extra cleanup bags for dog walks, leashes, and towels to wipe muddy paws.

Hooks added above give quick access for placing coats and bookbags. No more nagging about hanging backpacks on kitchen chairs. Instead, everything will have a neat and stylish space. 

Going beyond this, overhead storage in your mudroom can give you a place to keep items you used less frequently. Winter hats and gloves, extra towels for rainy days, umbrellas, and much more can be tucked away out of sight in overhead custom storage compartments.

Mudrooms don’t have to be a room, nor do they need to cope with mud and mess. Instead, these spaces can be elegant and organized additions to your home’s entryway. 

With custom-built benches and storage, you won’t want to hide your mudroom behind a door, but instead, make it a space you’d be proud to have visitors see and use.