Lansdowne, PA Contractor, Carpenter, Painter & Licensed Electrician

Lansdowne is significant in Delaware County, both historically and today. Just six miles southwest of Philadelphia City Center, Lansdowne (sometimes misspelled Landsdowne), was at one time a popular vacation resort. Today it’s a destination for the arts, home to the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, the Lansdowne Arts Festival, and Celebration Theater.

When the residents of Lansdowne plan to update their homes – from beautiful Victorian homes to more modern houses – they call TJ’s Painting & Renovations. TJ’s services include painting, electrical, hardwood flooring refinishing and installation, and custom carpentry. 

New light fixtures can bring a surprisingly fresh look to any room. Sconces, recessed lighting, and ceiling fans add form and functionality, while dimmer switches increase the functionality of a single fixture. Looking to replace dated fixtures? TJ’s can add new or replace the old.

But TJ’s electrical expertise doesn’t stop there. As homes increase the need to electricity, sometimes their main panel doesn’t keep up with the demand. Get a new main panel installed, or add outlets to rooms and walls to keep up with your media and smart devices and other needs.

Light lighting, paint can quickly change a room’s look. Rooms look new with a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling, and the feel of a space is utterly transformed with a new color. TJ’s can handle any interior painting work you imagine for your home, including custom paint jobs. At the end of the work, you’ll be left with a revamped room and no mess to clean up.

Hardwood flooring is another specialty of TJ’s team of skilled craftspeople. If your home has old flooring, bring back its original beauty by having TJ’s refinish them. Looking to replace existing flooring with the warmth and beauty of hardwood? TJ’s can help with that, too.

Custom carpentry is a natural extension of the work that TJ’s can do to restore and refresh your home. Consider adding treatments that are all the rage today – shiplap, wainscotting, even crown molding. Custom trim elevates the look of a room or a house. Need more space? Consider having TJ’s carpenters add new shelving or storage cubbies, simplifying your home’s organization.

Whatever the home restoration and renovation projects you might be considering, call TJ’s Painting & Renovations Co. With years of experience and a commitment to your satisfaction, TJ’s will make you love your home again.