Handyman – Custom Renovations – TJ’s Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Handyman - Custom Renovations“Do it right or don’t do it at all.” This reflects TJ’s standards of workmanship, craftsmanship for all handyman and custom renovation projects. We use the best products available and are continually retraining our skills by learning about the latest techniques and most efficient procedures.

“Don’t just think about spending money. Think about spending money right.” It’s all about proper planning and budgeting, plus having the knowledge to ensure that your new projects have a high-quality of finish, and the durability factors to last as long as they should.

“Looks can be deceiving.” No where is this more prevalent than in the handyman and home improvement industry. Do your due diligence, ask a lot of questions, ask for referrals, go visit job sites, do a background search (via your local municipality, the PA State Attorney Generals’ Office, etc.), and know exactly what you are paying for by demanding an itemized proposal (with labor and materials separated). Hiring a handyman and renovation contractor is like dating don’t commit until you are certain you know what you are getting into.

“Don’t be sold. Be serviced.” Enough said. Trust me – or simply listen to anyone you know who has been ‘under-serviced’ by a handyman and custom renovation contractor – it is definitely worth paying more for a strong finish contractor who has a sense of aesthetics and works clean, and who also has the integrity to follow-up on all of your requests from the planning stage through the post-production stage.