Gray Paint – Fashion Forever Color

Interior painting on the Main Line, and in areas nationwide, is now all about using gray paint. This fashion forever color is now in its fifth year of growing popularity. It has garnered such attention that homeowners are now even using it on trim, doors, and built-in cabinetry.

In thirty years of owning a painting company, I have rarely used gray as a finish paint, if at all as a quality interior finish color on the Main Line. Regardless, the painting industry has a new fashion forever color – the earth tones of the modern day – in the color gray.

From my end as a painting contractor, I can tell you that over 50% of the wall colors we have applied in the last two years include a gray paint tone. Our interior designers, in our free color consultations, offer the usual array of popular colors, but gray is so big that most homeowners already know they want a gray tone.

There are a few reasons why gray paint is so hot. The first is celebrity designers started suggesting and writing-up grays for interior painting – and then professional designers and painters followed suit. And the market responded. Now of course, the large paint retailers – Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball – have followed suit by offering new colors and cool color names for the gray palette in their highest-quality products.

Homeowners find the color gray to be soothing, relaxing, and quite versatile. This versatility lies in the concept of using gray a back-drop for decorating, while offering a canvass that does not have to be repainted every time a homeowner wants to decorate.

Here are a few favorites across a variety of gray tones:

  • Parma Gray from Farrow & Ball for a deep mid-tone gray.
  • Rainstorm or Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams for a rich, darker gray.
  • Useful Gray by Sherwin Williams for a mild gray that allows flexibility to tint lighter or to darken-up a bit.

Though white is still the color we use most on ceilings and trim, it is no longer the most popular color we use on walls. Gray paint has taken over on the Main Line for most of the residential painting customer we serve. And for good reason – gray is definitely a strong color trend that is here to stay – that is, until the next fashionable color comes forth.

Parma Gray Paint Rainstorm
Urban Bronze Useful Gray Paint

**Please keep in mind that monitor colors vary.