As of May 1st, the construction industry has been reopened by Governor Wolf for all of Pennsylvania. There are “strict guidelines” required by the state, which TJ’s is thoroughly familiar with and fully implementing in our operations and with our team members. Our provisions are also in line with CDC guidelines and CDC “Safe Work Practices.”

We are also offering by-request provisions, as noted below, that go beyond both PA State and CDC guidelines.

And for our customers’ convenience and safety, we will now schedule for weekends or planned vacation times, when your family is not at home. This ideal project scheduling scenario allows us to have minimal social contact with you and your family. Plus, we will perform a disinfectant cleaning at the end of each project.  

TJ’s Safety Precautions for Covid-19

Policy of Transparency: TJ’s team members will report any symptoms of themselves or their family members, including self-monitoring and immediate self-reporting of any symptoms. Workers will stay-at-home if any symptoms arise.

Social Distancing: We will strive to stay 10-feet apart, 6-feet minimum – except when workers need to team-up for safety or production reasons.

Low-density Personnel Assignments: Smaller crews will be assigned and scheduling of trades will be staggered as necessary.

Face Coverings: Workers will wear face masks or face coverings while on your property, on both interior and exterior jobs.

No Touch Policy: Workers will wear latex gloves while on your property, on both interior and exterior jobs. Latex gloves will be changed-out several times a day, based on touchpoints and cleanliness factors.

Hand Sanitizing: Workers will sanitize or wash hands as per CDC “Safe Work Practices.”

Tool Sanitizing: Tools will be sanitized before being brought into the house, daily. Product containers will also be sanitized (such as paint cans, caulk tubes, patch containers, etc.). Tools will not be shared.

Job Site Cleanliness: Job sites will be maintained with daily cleanings and end-of-the-workday cleanings including sanitizing. 

Use of Bathrooms: Workers will not use customers’ bathrooms. On exterior jobs, workers will not enter the house.

Virtual Meetings: Onsite meetings between trades and Ted will be held only as necessary. TJ’s is implementing the use of video apps for virtual job site meetings.

Optional Precautions Upon Request of Homeowner

Scheduling Options Arranged In Advance with Homeowner