Water Alarms – Winter Water Shutoffs

A water alarm could have saved my friend’s vacation home from being condemned a few years ago. One weekend they were enjoying the surrounding serenity of nature and freshly fallen snow while sitting fireside playing card games with loved ones. And then three weeks later they were distraught over the loss of their hideaway haven all because they did not have the foresight to turn-off the water in case of a power loss.
How severe was the water damage? You wouldn’t believe it…

Here is exactly what happened. They left the water on, the temperatures plummeted into sub-freezing ranges for two weeks, there were heavy snowfall storms that took down power lines and knocked-out power to their home, and there was no one there to shutoff the water. When they returned three weekends later, they were aghast at the extent of the damage.

The water in every toilet in the house froze and cracked and water just poured out of them as the float valve sensed the toilet bowl was not filled. So the water just ran continuously. Also, several water lines froze and cracked… and yes… the water kept on running. Except now it ran free everywhere, causing so much damage that the home was considered irreparable.

So needless to say, if you are ever leaving a house alone in the Winter, turn-off the water – including draining the faucet lines. Leaving the lines open cannot hurt as well. Then if the power goes out – and subsequently the heat goes off – all will not be lost.

Another means of being on top of water leaks is the use of water alarms. Most homeowners are not even aware this product exist.

This easy-to-use device can be placed behind toilets, behind the washer, under sinks, and even in access panels where plumbing is found. To learn more, simply Google “water alarms.”

This simple, inexpensive device could end up saving you $Thousands$. At TJ’s Painting and Renovations Co., we like The Watchdog.