Painting Contractors – Performing A Thorough Due Diligence When Hiring

I am amazed at how many highly intelligent, well oft, responsible homeowners do not perform due diligence when evaluating painting contractors. I know it’s a matter of time, but when you think about how much time it may take to re-earn income lost for paying a “sub-standard contractor” – and having to hire another contractor to redo a project that was not done right the first time – it is indeed worth the time to perform a thorough due diligence.

Here is a composite list of due diligence points for evaluating painting contractors in today’s marketplace:

In closing, what I have learned in serving homeowners and working for the general public that has been most valuable to me is this – – – Self value. Notably, I have come to learn – and now know – that “self value is self stated.”

If you want to state your value and control how you are treated when hiring a contractor, then perform at least a half-dozen of the due diligence points above.

And remember, it’s your money and it’s your home. And also remember, you indeed are The Boss!